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Personalized Eye Wellness Services in New Hyde Park, NY

At EyeCare.HealthCare, we are passionate about eye care and firmly believe that clear vision opens the door to a world of possibilities. Our personalized services cater to all, from the sheer delight of a child experiencing crisp vision to our sophisticated treatments for dry eye and myopia control. Your vision and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re here to support you on your journey to optimal eye health.

From Kids to Seniors: Discover Eye Care for All at EyeCare.HealthCare

Our services are all about you: your eye wellness, your vision, and your future. With a dedicated focus on personal service, we listen attentively to your concerns, understanding that clear vision is vital for seizing life’s opportunities. From pediatric eye care to advanced treatments for various eye conditions, we’re your partners in preserving and enhancing your eyesight.

Female Eye Exam Close Up

Our Comprehensive Eye Care Services

Elder Man Eye Exam 2

Elevate Your Sight with Expert Eye Exams

Experience the clarity you deserve with our comprehensive eye exams for all ages. From toddlers to seniors, we prioritize eye wellness with advanced technology and personalized care. Trust our team to safeguard your vision for a lifetime of healthy eyes.

Eye Disease Management

Diagnosis and Treatment for Eye Conditions and Diseases

With our personalized approach, we expertly manage eye diseases and conditions, including cataracts, astigmatism, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. From diagnosis to treatment, we ensure you receive the best care. Trust us for optimal eye health solutions.

Young Girl Myopia Treatment

Child-Focused Myopia Control Services

Unlock a brighter future for your child with our myopia control expertise. Our personalized approach tackles nearsightedness head-on, reducing its progression and potential eye health risks. Empower your child with clear vision and open them up to a world of possibilities.

Dry Eye Treatments

Tailored Dry Eye Treatments

Embrace soothing relief with our comprehensive dry eye treatments. Say goodbye to discomfort and irritation as we tailor personalized solutions to your unique needs. Rediscover the joy of comfort and revitalize your eyes for a brighter, clearer future.

Emergency Eye Care

We offer emergency services that require immediate and urgent eye care. If your eye is injured, don’t try to judge the severity of it. Immediately seek the opinion of an eye doctor to lessen the risk of hurting your vision. We understand ocular emergencies can arise at any time.


Red Eye


Bumps On The Eye Lids


Abrasions To The Eye


Foreign Bodies In The Eye


Chemical Exposure


Sudden Flashes And/Or Floaters